• Use of Omega sections as stiffeners ensures less welding and better shape retention as compared to using flats as stiffeners as the heat generated during welding causes distortion.
  • Plated machined components eliminate the use of grease and oil while turning turnbuckles thus preventing dust to settle within the grooves which increases the difficulty in turning the turnbuckles.
  • The Modular system design helps to reduce transportation by as much as 50% as more volume can be accommodated on the vehicles.
  • The wheels are machined and mounted with dual bearings to ensure smooth movement of Inner forms on tracks.
  • Outerform to soffit connection is on hinge welded on an I beam which is part of the soffit. This ensures tardiness and alignment of the panels while assembly.


Mumbai Metro (Phase I)

Location: Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: U-Girders

Mumbai Metro (Phase II)

Location: Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: U girder


Location: Thane, India
Product Supplied: U-Girders

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