Steel Monolithic system which works on cycle time of 24 to 72 hours,the tunnel formwork can be used from 200 to 500 repetitions.
Economical system, minimizes the cost of formwork and is easy to operate.


Tunnel formwork is a steel monolithic system which works on cycle time of 24 to 72 hours. With the capacity of upto 200 repetitions, the system minimizes the cost of formworks, maximizes safety measures of workers and allows concrete laying every single day.


  • Prevents the losses of workmanship, reworking and ensures early amortization of the investment.
  • The ability to use the formwork from 200 to 500 repetitions substantially reduces the production costs.
  • System flexibility allows similar projects to be done by repairing the older formworks.
  • Managed by a limited workforce, it ensures significant cost saving in labour.
  • Has high residual economic value.


  • It ensures the completion of the project in start-up quality.
  • Since the formwork is fabricated with a high level of accuracy, it ensures convenience in the applications of precast.
  • facade wall and panel interior wall.
  • Since very smooth concrete surfaces are obtained from the formwork surfaces, wallpaper covering and painting.
  • Works are carried out at minimum costs as there is no need for plastering after concrete.

Ease of application

  • The system is extremely fast in erection and dismantling.
  • The system is very easy to shift from floor to floor by using proper cranes.
  • It is useful in the construction of residential buildings, hotels, dormitories, correctional facilities, military posts, and other buildings, where it reduces multiple laying work costs.
  • Electrical works and plumbing can be done very conveniently.
  • Modularity: Completed formworks may be packaged and stored since formwork is composed of standard parts and it can be used again for new work with very few additions.



Location: Mundra, Gujarat, India
Product Supplied: Tunnel Formwork

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