The crane operated guided climbing system for high rise walls and lift shaft.

Designed to cast wall of 4.2 meter height in a single casting , compatible with Vertis and Alvert panels. System comes with rack and pinion mechanism for the forward and backward movement of the formwork.

Site Assembling

Salient Features


  • Guided climbing system for shear wall and lift shaft, compatible with Ecovert and modular formwork systems(Vertis and Alvert).
  • PGC system is attached to wall throughout climbing process.
  • System is completely surrounded by steel mesh and guardrails.


  • Modular system, with simple design to erect and lift the formwork. Available with ready to use assemblies at site.
  • High standard of safety requirements is fulfilled.
  • Fear-free work environment, enhance labour performance and saves time and money.

Design Data


  • Designed to pour concrete up to 4.2 meter height in a single pouring.
  • Primary and secondary, working platforms attachable to guided rails at every level.
  • Inbuilt ladder provided with the system.
  • System comes with rack pinion mechanism for the forward and backward movement of the formwork.
  • Flexibility to position the guide rails up to a width of 3.6 m, depending on wall width.


  • Flexible to suit requirement, for all medium and high-rise buildings.
  • System offers flexible and easiest application to take care of post concerting work, like painting etc.
  • No additional access system required.
  • Easy to erect the reinforcement bars and move the formwork with-out dismantling the system.
  • Same system can be used for varied length of walls by adjusting the brackets.

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