Decking formwork system (Table-form), ideal for large and uniform flat slab layouts.
Quick repositioning reduces labour, time, highly versatile and yet safe.



Standard deck tables available in four sizes:

  • 5.9 x 3.0 meter, 3.9 x 3.0 meter, 3.0 x 3.0 meter 2.0 x 3.0 meter, with the a option to choose from Wooden Beam or Aluminum Beam as a primary and secondary member, all with Laminex or Euro ply options.


  • Pre-assembled units for large-area concreting, with interchangeable standard components. Quick repositioning to the next level reduces labor, project time, and cost. Tailored slab tables can also be made, to cater to the specific project requirement.

Product Design


  • Pre-assembled unit consists of four standard components: Props, Prop fixed head, P20 wooden beams and concrete facing, with a option of Laminex or Euro ply.
  • Unique swivel head for folding props.


  • Quick lowering of the prop with the help of a new design `G` pin, releases the stress in the prop with one strike of a hammer. No time-consuming assembly on-site, only props have to be mounted.
  • Props can be folded to take out the system at intermediate and edge beams.
  • System comes with an option of working with Wood, Aluminium alloy beam, and Steel or a combination of all.

Assembly and Dismantling


  • Assembled Table as the complete unit can be shifted to the next level with the help up of ā€˜Cā€™ Hook using a crane. Transportation Trolley and Table transfer system.
  • Components used in the system are of standard nature.


  • Transportation Trolley is ideal for rapidly shifting the decking tables in the horizontal and vertical directions. Maximum safety is ensured during operating and shifting the Tables. Less manpower requirement.
  • Making it a highly versatile, flexible system with interchangeable standard components. Can be used for the various applications like Retaining wall, Column, Decking, etc.


Commercial Tower

Location: Pune, India
Product Supplied: Eazy-Dek

Manyata Tech Park

Location: Banagalore, India
Product Supplied: Eazydek

Offbeat Mall

Location: India
Product Supplied: Eazy-Dek

IT Park Mak Solutions, Hyderabad, India

Location: Hyderabad, India
Product Supplied: Eazy-Dek

Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park

Location: Pune, India
Product Supplied: Eazy-Dek

Elphinstone Mill Compound

Location: Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: Eazy-Dek

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