• The construction industry is rapidly moving into a highly aesthetic zone, with architects and planners giving special attention to the finish and the final look of the structures and projects. Pranav decoform form liners define a whole new standard for aesthetic surfaces in infrastructure and buildings.
  • Concrete still is the most durable and cost-effective building material in the world. In addition, with its universal availability, its place is confirmed as a building material for the future.
  • When in fluid form, concrete offers nearly unlimited possibilities for architectural designing. It is able to offer an economical option for the creation of safe, individually expressive, aesthetically pleasing concrete surfaces with unlimited variances.
  • Pranav is able to offer a full canvas to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects while simultaneously meeting the strength and durability characteristics that the designers and construction specialists require. Pranav offers its clients unlimited possibilities for textured concrete work and finishes.


  • DecoformTM form liners are used in situ and pre-cast concrete constructions. For both applications, the form liners require suitable and sound formwork in which it can be integrated.
  • For the building of the master molds, the use of a combination of natural and man-made materials of commercial-grade is used. Carefully controlled production operations ensure minimal dimensional tolerances in the rear wall thickness of the foam liners.
  • The results are smooth, intricate, and unmatched finishes in concrete with an amazingly exciting Range.


  • DecoformTM form liners are used extensively for the patterning and texturing of all finished concrete surfaces. Architectural surface design is usually restricted based on the type of formwork or mold employed.
  • Many of these limitations can be overcome when an elastic material is used as the mold or shutter. Patterned and textured concrete finishes, with the suitable interplay of light and shadow, enlivens the surface finishes and provides a large canvas to fulfill special architectural requirements.


  • The high flexibility, elasticity, and durability of deco form liners allow multiple damage-free stripping and release to the concrete. This permits repeat casting and gives an exact reproduction of any patterned or textured surface.
  • With decoformTM Form liners, it is possible to cast long length patterns repeatedly for a maximum length especially for the application like Retaining Wall and Boundary Wall requiring most aesthetic looks.


Bankhode Junction Flyover

Location: Navi Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: decoform formliners

Eastern Freeway

Location: Mumbai (Chembur to CST), India
Product Supplied: decoform formliner


Location: Mumbai (Chembur-Santa Cruz Link Road), India
Product Supplied: decoform formliners

Sanpada Flyover

Location: Navi Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: decoform formliners

Mahape Flyover

Location: Navi Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: decoform formliners

Santacruz Flyover

Location: Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: decoform formliners

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