• The CW 1 is a lightweight curved panel-based system and comes at a maximum height of 2.8 Metres with the per m2 weight being 160kg/m2.
  • The skin sheet of the CW 1 is 5 mm thick which ensures longer life and seamless concrete finishes.
  • The CW 1 can take concrete pressures of up to 10 MT/m2.
  • Due to the same profiles being used in the Mach 1 and the CW1, both the systems are compatible with each other.

The CW1 comes in 3 height variations:

  • 2.40 Metres
  • 2.25 Metres
  • 1.2 Metres
  • The modular design ensures that the entire panel can be collapsed with no loose components.
  • A single form can be unfolded by 1 operator in less than 2 minutes.
  • Only one type of nut and key ensures standardisation and results in a minimal amount of time being utilised for erection.

The CW 1 is designed to take wind speeds of unto 85 Kms/Hr with the added accessories mentioned below:

  • Metal / concrete ballasts come in 3 variations and weigh 1 MT – 1.5 MT – 2 MT.
  • STABILEVE 120 PLUS® compass
  • Ground anchoring
  • Adjustable stays of stability

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