Light weight aluminum formwork system ideal for monolithic casting of walls, slabs and lift cores. Suitable for 200 to 1000 repetitions. (Depending on material grade of skin plate)
Suitable for handling 60 kN/m2 (6 MT/m2) of concrete pressure. Manually-handled
flexible system, can be easily manoeuvred without cranes.

Concrete Pressure


  • Load capacity – 60 kN/m²


  • Suitable for higher rate of pour.



  • Stainless steel sleeve with two holes for panel-to-panel connection.
  • Various standard sections for corner panels.
  • Average weight varies between 22-25 kg/m²
  • Standard Panels :
    Height for Wall Panel : 2450 mm & 2050 mm
    Height for Deck Panel : 1200 & 1000 mm
    Width : 600, 450, 400 & 300 mm


  • Lightweight aluminum formwork system. Can be easily manoeuvred without cranes. No need of skilled workers. Environment friendly.
  • Two holes provide additional joining option and enhance panel durability and repetition.
  • Flexibility in casting all types of walls with various project requirements.

Props & Frame


  • Standard props to support Deck Panel, upto 5.5 mtr height of slab.
  • Frames made of special alloy aluminum profiles and with triangular lip joints on the corners.
  • Lacquer coating on aluminum alloy skin plate.


  • Prop height can be adjusted as per requirement of slab for different projects.
  • Twist proof, durable & light weight.
  • Easy to clean due to reduced concrete adhesion.

Tie Holes, Panel Connection


  • Tie Plate – MS flat, duly protected for easy removal.
  • Tie plates provided at suitable heights, with one additional slot on panel.
  • Connection – Wedge and Pin (Connected with wire rope)


  • Ensures long life of tie plate with easy dismantling
  • Ensures higher load bearing capacity with higher repetition. In case one slot/hole gets damaged other can be used.
  • Ensures self alignment and does not have loose parts, resulting in quick assembly & dismantling.

Concrete Face


  • Aluminum alloy sheet, suitable for upto 1000 repetitions.


  • High grade material capable of taking higher load, resists warpage and is maintenance free.


Mahagun Mantra

Location: Delhi, India
Product Supplied: Almon System

Samadhan Apartments

Location: Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: Almon System


Location: Andheri, Mumbai, India
Product Supplied: Almon System

Residential towers project at Shil-Junction

Location: Thane, India
Product Supplied: Almon System

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